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Mistress Nemezis had tried to look away as this guy annoyed the crap out of her and others. The guy was given hints that he was annoying but he seemed to enjoy the effect he had on other people. The mistress did not like that very much and she felt that she had to do something since no one else seemed to do it. So she took him aside and she made him eat shit.

This guy stalked this mistress online and when she noticed, she asked him to stop but he did not. In fact, he doubled his efforts and that infuriated her even more. She did not like that and had to put an end to it. Since he did not see the sense of what she told him, he had to see the one of what she did to him. And that was making him eat poo.

Mistress Mia had a new slave and she used her poo to test him. The mistress wanted to know him well and how obedient he was. She also wanted to know if he knew how to take and follow instructions. That is why she had him eat her shit and drink her pee after she had instructed him to do that. He surprised her with how well he did it.

When this slave proved to be stubborn, this mistress had no choice but to punish him cruelly and she did it using her shit. The mistress did not care what the guy did or what he felt. All she was after was to make sure he stopped being stubborn and she was not going to stomach it again. As he ate the shit, he realized it was time for a change.

Mistress Anna had beef with her neighbor and she made sure that she sorted him out so that he learned to fear her and respect her as well. The mistress cruelly ensured that happened by forcing the guy to eat her poo. And when she was done with him, she made him lick her asshole clean before chasing him from her house with a warning that she would not tolerate any more messes from him.

Mistress Gaia knew that if she took a dump before firing this employee, she might be in deep shit. So she fired him first and then after that, she turned him into a human toilet and she fed him her poo. He had to know that he had messed up and that his nonsense would not be tolerated. So he had to change so that he would fit in wherever he would get employed.

Mistress Cadence was bored and when she is bored, she likes to experiment and try out stuff. Today she tried shit fetish and she did it with her friend mistress Amy. They went online and got a guy who thought he would have a threesome with them but ended up eating their shit and drinking their pee before they let him go. He had no choice but to eat it and drink it.

Decadoria's slave was beginning to have attitude. She wanted to show him who was boss. She pinned him down and smothered his face with her dirty ass and made her smell her farts and poo

The lady takes two nice shits for your pleasure into the cool water of the toilet bowl. One sounds like it would just sink to the bottom and the other turns out to be a dark floater that totally stinks up the toilet bowl. She gives a real nice closeup of her ass hole as she takes a fat hot dump into the cool water of the toilet.

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