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Mistress Busra had hired this engineer to take the lead on her project but he was not efficient and he caused delayed and eventual stalling of her project and she did not want to have to hire someone else. So she took a shit on him to make him realize who he was dealing with. She scared the shit out of him and since then, her project ran as smoothly as it was supposed to.

Mistress Busra wanted to show off her hot ass to this guy and so she teased him a little bit and as he got turned on and wanted more, she used her ass to facesit him. It was fun for her and she had a great time at his expense. She did not care what he felt as she was having fun at his expense. He did not mind too as he got to smell and feel her hot ass.

Mistress Busra had a crush on this guy but he was not a good guy and when she realized it, she was pissed and she had to show him. She lured him to her house where she unleashed her shit fetish on him. The mistress used her hot ass to dominate him and in no time, he was eating her poo as well as drinking her urine straight from her pee hole.

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