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Her boyfriend is taking a long time to show up. She is getting bored watching TV. Once he finally shows up she gets angry and orders him to get on the floor. On ebay she bought a toilet stool and wants to try it out on his face. Gets in position and begins to poop in his face. He does not look to pleased but that is not her problem. Shitting in her boyfriends face is the best thing she ever did. Next she is going to piss in his mouth and force him to eat her poop

Gorgeous Mistress dressed in sexy lingerie is having an upset stomach. She wants to take a crap but is too lazy to go to the toilet. She orders her slave to come over and suck on her ass. Then all of a sudden she starts pooping in his face while he is sucking her asshole. This piece of shit is going to be your lunch and dinner. You better not waste any of it or you can forget about breakfast tomorrow! Hows that for a shitty day?

Her boyfriend does whatever she tells him to. She has made him her personal toilet slave. Even on holiday he does not get a break. When they are sitting poolside and she has to shit her personal toilet slave gets ordered to hold out his hands so she can poop all over him. Later when she has to piss it will probably be in his mouth and face. He better enjoy it or pretend he likes it or he will get whipped and caned

The old man slave gets totally humiliated and abused as sexy Chantal makes him her own personal toilet giving him a face full of shit and piss. He must open his mouth wide so he can take in all of her warm pee and shit just like a good slavce is supposed to. As an insult to injury she even steps on the slaves cock and balls with her high heels.

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