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Kimi Cat takes a nice long brown shit that looks like it is coming out of a yogurt machine into the slaves mouth. It d piss into his a huge long creamy poop that covers the inside of the slaves open mouth. The girls take shits and piss into his open mouth and as an insult to injury the girls spit on his face for kicks.

The sexy Three Ladies totally abuse their toilet slave as they each take turns squatting over him to take nice hot shits into his open mouth. The Three Ladies play with his dick with their feet as the slave gets his face covered by the milky chocolate poop. After they are done the slaves face is unrecognizable and completely covered in the Three Ladies hot moist shit on his face.

The lady takes two nice shits for your pleasure into the cool water of the toilet bowl. One sounds like it would just sink to the bottom and the other turns out to be a dark floater that totally stinks up the toilet bowl. She gives a real nice closeup of her ass hole as she takes a fat hot dump into the cool water of the toilet.

Mistress Karoline shares her chocolate delicacy with the male slave as he lies on the bathroom floor. The nude slave lies back as Mistress Karoline shits and pisses hard into his mouth. Her big bodacious ass sits hard on his face as she leaves her delicacies into his waiting mouth covering it with her chocolate kisses. His open mouth is covered by all of her human poop.

The sexy and beautiful Mistress Gaia takes full advantage of her toilet slave as she has him under neath her on the chair and promptly shits into his open mouth. He swallows all of her brown turd like a good slave. After she is done shitting in his mouth Mistress Gaia very properly wipes her ass hole and discards the used toilet paper into his open mouth too.

The toilet slave is under the mercy of the two hot brunette goddesses as they take turns shitting into the slaves open mouth. The slave is laid out on the living room floor as the girls each take their turn squatting over his face and promptly shitting into his open mouth. He eats all of their shit like a good little slave boy opening his mouth for them.

The biology teacher is a horny old loser pervert and he gets what he deserves from the school girls. They torture their teacher with the ball wrench and piss and shit into his open mouth like the little worm he is. After they are done they dig their heels on his body and degrade him further by spitting into his open mouth as he lies on the floor nude.

First timer curvy black goddess Ebony takes a monster shit in the toilet boys open waiting mouth. This was a big smelly dump. She works her big juicy black ass out of her tight hugging jeans and squats on the toilet seat to take a heavy shit into the slaves open mouth. The shit comes out brown and smelly as it covers the inside of the slaves mouth.

This sexy mistress had a huge dinner the night before and now the next morning she has to take a massive shit! She really has to go and she knows that her loser slave does not have a life and he is going to be laying on the bathroom floor waiting for her! She goes to the bathroom and sits on the edge of the chair with her ass hanging over and covers his face with creamy shit.

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